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All other auxiliary equipment must be electrically operated in the golf blue-e-motion. (As opposed to SASC). This requires a corresponding power electronics, a Board-internal charger, a high – pulse inverter, which can convert alternating current into direct current and a so-called DC/DC converter, which converts the power in the usual 12 volt Board supply the auxiliary. With all these features comes the electric golf on a kerb weight 1545 kg, what 205 kilograms more are about as in a golf TDI with DSG. The electric motor of the E-Golf has a peak output of 115 HP and can go up to 135 km/h fast. The maximum torque of 270 nm is available from the start at the disposal. So Sprint the Stromer in 11.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h would retrieve the full performance in the long term, you should come out with a relatively small range.

To cope with up to 150 kilometers, the performance of golf Blu-e-motion on 69 PS can be limited, which is sufficient in city traffic and on free roads. Balancing act between comfort and the driving range is a very successful image. To broaden your perception, visit Angus King. The depth arrangement of engineering the vehicle has a low center of gravity and gives a good feeling here. The performance figures are very appealing, in urban areas it is not negative on the priority field of the electric golf. The top speed is limited to 135 km/h and can be reached only by obtaining the maximum output of 115 HP.

That in turn goes but at the expense of the range. Volkswagen tries with three accessible travel profiles to meet the conflict between comfort and range. In the comfort +-mode, selectable via a switch on the center console is the full power obtained and the full comfort program with regard to air conditioning available. In normal mode, only 88 HP provided power, the maximum speed is limited to 115 km/h.

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