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As you know, Web 2.0 has become very popular due to rapidly open and ease of use. Today, every Internet user can easily create blogs in various social networks, to gather with friends or acquaintances associates. All of these Internet services work well, but due to the fact that the move in search engines become more sophisticated, social networks are already widely used as platforms for spam. This is primarily impact on the social bookmarking in which the active links are placed. Than many users will be added to one or another link, the higher it is in the ranking of popular bookmarks. There were automatic system to run on the tabs. As a result, search engines are practically zeroed effect links with backfilling services.

More recently began talking about the concept of Web 3.0, which differs from previous versions that among the user selects a narrow range of experts whose aim is to separate the 'wheat from the chaff. " Actively developing in this direction the social search FASQu. Registered users FASQu called experts. They add a description of the site and individual pages, and check the descriptions that have been added by other experts. Actions are taken into account, and experts calculate their ratings. But the most important difference from traditional favorites is that experts link to the description of the search queries, while guaranteeing 100% relevancy. If the search query would be irrelevant, other experts suggest checking it and the author gets a penalty.

His rating reduced and the description will be lower than others on this request. And visitors to the system, whose number is constantly growing, use it as a normal finding. Ranking the descriptions in the issue is rated an expert author. The winner is always the one who makes more effort and responsible approach to working within the system. An additional possibility is to create a FASQu collections of links. It does not require any specific action, just in add searches to the description, you can specify a hash tag. They come in 2 forms: Collections: @ Set_Name – starts with the @ symbol and consists of letters, digits and the underscore character. Tags: # tag_name – begins with a # and is from the Latin letters, digits and the underscore character. These simple tools help to create a collection of links, not only on the subject, but also on any other basis. Let's say you bought the site and pick up as an example of sites that we can show the customer that he could choose the style of the future site. Or do you collect information on a topic, but want to join them on the grounds of one, and divided by another. Each expert created his own page on which formed a cloud of search queries and other information on their work. Small tools are a nice addition to automatically publish descriptions of some of the social network. Becoming an expert everyone will be able not only to promote their sites and clients, but also in creative selections and filling FASQu nonprofit descriptions to improve search quality in the network and create a name for himself a competent and responsible professional.

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