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The great desire of every business on the Internet: the top positions in search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN … Did you know that thousands of visitors can reach your website if you are in the top positions in major search engines of the world? That work could take months positioning, and even never achieve that goal. What is Search Engine positioning? The work of SEO is optimizing a website for it to be listed in the top positions in search engines. In other words, to appear at the top of the results delivered by search engines after a request or inquiry by the user. What is the importance of SEO? I will explain to your suit. When you read about something, or want to buy something online and do not know where to find what are you doing? Surely you go to Google or Yahoo and search for.

Of the 10 million sites you listed out, what will visit? For sure those in the top 10, that is, on the first page of results. The overwhelming majority of users only visit sites that are in these top positions in search engines they use. Do you understand now the importance of SEO? In short: If your website does not list out in those top positions in major search engines directly will not get hardly any visitors to your website. On the contrary, be in the first five positions assures you, depending on the sentence for which you’ve placed, from several hundred visits a month, even hundreds of thousands!

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