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Reduction in rent: If it reeks in the apartment the construction site next door robs one of sleep, the corner in the living room are infested with mold and the bath water is only Luke warm if these conditions familiar to you, it’s time to cut the rent. The full amount must be paid only for a damage-free apartment? Immonet gives you tips on how to proceed at best for a reduction in rent. What are shortcomings the? Basically, all spaces must be located in a contractual condition. These include: the apartment, stairs, corridors, storage, basement and additions. Technical installations such as heating, elevator and heater to work. For more specific information, check out patrick mayberry.

The landlord must promptly eliminate any defects. He remains inactive or delayed the removal, you can shorten the rent. It must be determined first, whether the defects to a rent reduction shall entitle. Legal point of view this is the case, if the use of the apartment is limited or impossible to use. The most common reasons for rent reductions are: mould stains, water damage, broken heaters, noise from neighbouring apartments, scaffolding of the House, plastic window, unavailability of the balcony and leaky window. Rent reduction is also a construction site outside the front door. What are no defects? You may not shorten the rent if, for example, in the hallway, a light bulb is defective, the neighbor after 22 used the flushing of the water opens the window or closes.

Also, you have to live with cracked tiles, cracks in the walls or uncovered balcony. Who itself is responsible for defects or is a fault, may not cut also rent. You need to prove so in case of doubt that you have vented enough and construction defects on the mildew stains are to blame. How much rent should you withhold? That alone is a tricky question. “The law States only that one is a reasonable lower rent to be paid” has.

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