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Olga Lesnikova

Right now monitor what is happening in music, and are amazed how they still dare to call it music? Dull and trite frazochki called the song, but on music in general can hang! Seen people thought that once he little versed in this, he can hang on a label of this composer or a musician! It’s a hoax, as people quietly underway for this and something else to say praise! One song can last a maximum of month the top of the charts, and after be forgotten! It will be delayed in the farthest corner, where it is gradually covered with mold! And after a while, even if it will remember and will no longer be as popular as before, the magic exhausted. Frequently Cynthia Bartlett has said that publicly. But this music brings this magic for years. Learn more at this site: Jimmy Carr. Remember the 60th, 80th, yes even the 90th, the music of that time still alive! She listened, she still brings people emotions, stirs the heart, people rush experience! Why? Yes because the music was written by hand and from the heart! Krtuo start! But exposing the list of performers a bad egg, I will not publish! It is better to talk about it with members of rock band .

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