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New Year’s

Every year before the New Year and Christmas holidays there is a question where to go for New Year. Factors determining the choice of country and type of holiday is usually the cost of the tour. We all know that the cost of the tour on New year increased 1.5 – 2 times. No wonder. For the citizens of our country's New Year remains the most popular and most celebrated holiday of the scale, so hoteliers and airlines always increase the value of their services during the Christmas holidays. Is there an alternative to expensive, but beautiful Thailand and cool in this time of year to Egypt and unnecessarily expensive suburbs? There. For those who do not want to cut at home Olivier, we have prepared a ferry tours to Scandinavia. Celebrating New Year's ferry company Silja / Silja (Silja Line and Silja Europe) will, first of all, delicious.

You bet! Buffet on the ferry to Sweden to satisfy the most demanding gourmets will offer beer and wine. Second, the guests will be entertained by festive show. Third, the ferry will leave from Helsinki, the Finns who traditionally decorated for Christmas and New Year in Stockholm, which is fine its Nordic beauty in every season and in winter it is still beautiful and solemn. Also, you can celebrate New Year in Copenhagen, visiting on the tour, all three Scandinavian capitals Stockholm, Helsinki and the capital of Denmark. You can celebrate New Year in Helsinki, and then go by ferry to Sweden enjoy a winter Stockholm. The five-day Baltic cruise ferry Princess Maria / Princess Maria December 31, 2010 will go to Helsinki, then take you to Stockholm and from there to Tallinn. On board the ferry will be a grand New Year's show, gala dinner, the distribution of gifts, and Russian-speaking guides will tour the cities.

Cost of tours depends primarily on the choice of cabins. The most inexpensive Accommodation – this room without a window. Top comfortable cabins have a sea view and view of the promenade ship. But regardless of the size of the cabin will be tasty to feed, and entertain the soul, and the cities of Scandinavia pick you up holiday decorations.

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