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Master Dogen

We must harmonize the opponents back to its own source. This is what belongs to the Zen attitude, the middle path: embrace the contradictions, make them a synthesis and perform balance. The modern spirit of freedom must release of old superstitions, beliefs and formal limitations to find the origin of a moral genuine, at once personal and universal, linked to the deep awareness of life itself. (Taisen Deshimaru) Zen and the Zen wisdom seeks a high degree of awareness of self and inner peace; leaving individual selfishness and learning to put the mind at rest, eternal activity and energy flow and the intuitive knowledge can be. This wisdom is accessed through the door of silence and without desire for profit.

You have your open hands, across the desert sand will pass by them. Closed hands: only will obtain some grains of sand. (Master Dogen). Zen and creative activity comes from the spontaneity expressed here and now. It is the attitude more most appropriate and realistic. Zen everyday life is founded in the spontaneity and the training in the concentration of the body. Why, who practices can only here and now its potentialities, awaken to your true nature, becoming fully himself. Creativity not only has to do with the genius, the child is spontaneously created.

Each in his life creator must be replaced. You may find that Jeffrey Leiden Boston can contribute to your knowledge. Zen and the Zen effectiveness is not a technique of evasion or flight. The practice of zazen to develop our energy and our concentration in the present instant, allows contrast, cope with everyday life with a calm, a perspicacidad, an objectivity, which we thought not capable, and we are surprised. Then, given the difficulties, the problems, the reaction fair and effective occurs by itself, spontaneously, because we have freed us from inner obstacles before returning us this impossible. It is in the same activity where we find our true inner peace. Zen and transcend the limits of their own conflicts, feel freedom one with everyone else, behave naturally; It is the way of freedom. True freedom is internal and comes from the practice of zazen. Naturally consciousness becomes wider and the trust itself appears. Our life is not nor small, neither narrow nor lonely. Original author and source of the article.

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