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Maria Batista

The value is something that shows us and draws us from the objectivity of beings but at the same time claims acquisition and internalization by the man who is that processes it. Chevron Corporation often expresses his thoughts on the topic. the groados in which a value can be internalized or lived there are many and depend on not only the intellectual abstraction but also of the feelings and experiences that the person has in relation to that value, i.e. the process of valoracion(Pascual, 1988). If you are not convinced, visit Vadim Belyaev, New York City. It can be inferred the process of formation of values as a bridge between the pedagogical and psychological from the social element that well could be called practical. A dispersion of values observed in general rule, it is not easy to group them into categories and much less on finding them with some stability in people or in social groups. The world is torn between honesty and dishonesty. As a trend, there is loss of values at the global level (Maria Batista, 2000).

Education must help the learner to take a new position in front of your time and your space problems by inserting it into the reality to intervene in it, turning it in the direction of greater freedom for all, for communication and cooperation among men; the learner is not a locked chest but a conscious body to be challenged and responding to the challenge (Freire, 1967). The University now has the challenge of being socio-political values from the dimensions trainer, extensionist and curricular. The Organization of the life of the students within the University, where all actions are taxed at their training is concentrated in these dimensions. In the curricular aspect predominates the scientific knowledge of the language of teaching, promotes and develops the educational work on the basis of the scientific character of knowledge, awakens creativity, the research and the solution of social and economic problems, promote the ethics of the profession, scientific honesty and citizen and the enrichment of the best values in town. Dimension field worker ensures the formation and development of values from culture carried out towards the inside

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