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By the fact that many people see death as the end of life on Earth, there are spiritual dead muchos and also in the more beyond, many, MUChiSIMAS souls dead spiritually. The spiritually dead souls are those that still people, just they have occupied of God, of Christ, and above all of the commandments of God and the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and in case have done as much only have spoken of this. But they have barely lived accordingly. These souls are called spiritually dead. There are dark, we could also say darkness.

As human beings they have not aspired to bring clarity to your soul with the gradual fulfillment of the commandments of God and the teachings of Jesus. As human beings have not paid attention to the contents of thoughts, nor nor to the content of his words. And in the hereafter these contents are the decisive factor for the soul on the path to the corresponding planetary constellations, where she herself has recorded theirs, the energies of their behavior. The soul of each person is measured according to your world of thoughts, according to his words, depending on his behavior. This means that the content of the thoughts, or what is behind the thoughts behind the words, behind all behavior is the dark dress of the soul, its obscurity, which at the end and the place around him. This is what loads and weigh the soul in the physical body and also when is disembodied, or on the other side, in the hereafter. So our existence on Earth is really a pilgrimage, a risky pilgrimage for each of us.

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