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You can his superfluous clean plastic bags in these bags ball close the Fund is to give. When someone packing purchases needed a plastic bag, he can take them out of the bags ball instead of having to pay for one. In the Netherlands, there are already hundreds bags balls in the health food stores, in the supermarket, etc.” However, not the cause but the symptom being fought here. Actually, there is already for ordinary plastic substitutes. Bio-plastics, made from corn starch, and ordinary plastic confusingly similar. Bags from Bio-plastics are indeed more expensive at first glance. However they are 100% biodegradable and no disposal costs!”reassured Wouter Moekotte, head of the young company bio Futura’, which itself has written biological disposable tableware on the flags. In addition to organic plastic supplies the young Dutch organic disposable tableware made of sugarcane and organic cardboard as well as wooden cutlery for gastronomy & catering, but also in small quantities for environmentally-conscious children’s birthday.

In Germany, he sells its products exclusively through the site although the volume is still too low, to be an economic alternative for the shopping bag made of polyethylene, looking good, that the Dutch state, institutions, and businesses large and representative events order the bio-plastic bag with us. You want to give off then your business card for sustainability.” Press contact: Wouter Moekotte Kaiserswerther Strasse 115 40880 Ratingen Tel: 021 02 42 09 86 company profile: bio Futura is a wholesaler for sustainable packaging and disposable utensils bio. We believe in biodegradable packaging and sustainability. Bio was Futura grocery stores, restaurants, restaurants, and other organizations with sustainable packaging materials as a reaction based on the growing demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging and supplies. Bio Futura sold only biodegradable packaging, the European standard EN composting – 13432 meet. The majority of the range is manufactured in Europe.

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