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Human Capital

As regards the aspect salary will be a cause of growth of Human Capital and given that with the adecuamiento of the wage structure with regard to the transformations, 100% of the workers inserted into the Organization as average entering this concept $212,00 MN more than the salary that accrued in the previous company, in addition to the stimulation on average how CUC CUC $9.74. Table 4.6. Characterization by structure of charge, average age and educational level of workers absorbed by Comercializadora Z from the MICONS restructuring. Source: Close December 2007. Tables 4.6 shows the primary data source of analysis of the composition of human capital the breakdown by study groups / occupational category / structure in charge of the staff of workers absorbed by the company, where the weight of superior studies (NS) in human capital is only 16%, affecting its greater percentage weight in the technical occupational category with 31% of the total population in this category. The degree of utilization of the human capital corresponding to university levels is by much less than the average, while the less formed categories appear those of workers and services, with 0% for this aspect, which represents 48,21% of the total staff. Box 4.7.

Table comparison of the fundamental stages of transformation by average age and educational level of workers of Comercializadora z. source: closing December/2007… Box 4.7 defines as workers with higher levels of study have been losing percentage weight in terms of their structure with regard to the transformation process registered by the company. While at the beginning of stage 4, year 2004 about 38.2% of the Human Capital of the template corresponded to workers with higher education (NS), and 52.2% to studies medium top (NMS), already at the end of the year 2007 the participation of these groups descends to 18.5% NS, (composed mainly by industrial, computer, civil, mechanical, agronomists, engineers as well as architects and economists) and increasing the NMS to 60.4% as well as also, at the beginning of stage 4 there were no groups in the structure with levels of primary studies (in the case of the template for the Group of workers defined in higher studies of the template occupied at the end of the year 2007 has been a decrease in human capital contributed by the excessive entry of workers at the company, without any analysis of selection, from the urgency in the development of transformations defined in the sector, with an index of global income of 15.7% with title of vocational training, which has resulted in a substantial decrease in the participation of these revenues in human capital at the end of the year 2007. .

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