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Google Checkout

Previously the market of affiliate systems was almost exclusively devoted to English-speaking people, since most of the pages and affiliate programs were in the English language, as you could find in our mother tongue was a group entrepreneurs who had ventured to explore the promotion of its products and had created for that purpose affiliate networks to promote them.

This was a challenge. Jon Venverloh understood the implications. On one side was the recruitment of persons to incorporate them into a business model is not well known then all that involved the management of the business itself, ie managing the collection of products with an incipient development of technology platforms dedicated to this end and then the challenge of carrying out payments to the battalion of people scattered throughout our geography and beyond. Another important aspect concerns the fact that he had created as a certain matrix of opinion in our countries that was very risky to make online shopping, good still high on average who think that way, however this has changed over the years, people now increasingly rely on electronic transactions and also have incorporated new tools and technology platforms that or dreamed for those days and have increased the confidence of Internet users.

Now with the use of fee for managing credit or debit cards internationally as 2Checkout, Google Checkout, Paypal, and the services provided by companies such as ClickBank, PayDotCom among others have made possible the expansion of this business model in almost all countries of speaking. I think this is a good time to enter the work from home using the internet as a channel and systems or affiliate programs as business model, we have never been so easy as now to enter the world of business in cyberspace, no miss or be late this time remember that the systems of participants in the Hispanic market is expansion.. milar insights.

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