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Golf Ball History

The very first golf balls in various countries such as Egypt, the Netherlands and also in Scotland were made of wood and much larger than the modern golf balls used in modern times. Over the years, the golf ball has changed somewhat. The first golf balls used were made of wood. Somewhat later, played with a golf ball made of horse or cowhide, which was filled with goose feathers. In 1618, the first golf balls were developed from rubber. To this end we have formed the resin of the gum trees into a round golf ball, but the golf ball had no Classic “dimple” pattern, which was used until about the year 1880. Today, golf balls may consist of several mixtures of polymers and Of course, the mixture of substances determines the playability of the golf balls, and whether they are softer or harder. Before you buy golf balls, it is advisable to ask his professional golf, golf balls, which come to a question, since it focuses on theMarket many different manufacturers of golf balls and also because there does not fit any golf ball for every golfer. There are many different hard and soft golf balls. Special golf balls, mostly soft or even in different colors are available, there are also golfers. Golf balls by brands such as Callaway, Nike, Taylor Made, Bridgestone, Precept and Titleist are always a good choice. For a purchase of “no-name” golf balls is not recommended. Of course there are certainly among them some good golf balls, but you can be sure when the golf balls from a brand company, that one has bought golf balls with a good quality game and good quality, stopping also tend to be longer.

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