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Fixed Assets

According to the magazine 'Fixed Assets' 9 / 2002 'The secret of longevity: the withdrawal of the heavy lifting and transport equipment' by O. Zharkov gear oils often forget about this potential opportunity to save funds and reduce machine downtime, as the right choice of transmission oil. In today's transmissions increase the rate of transmission power, and in case of replacement of transmission may be more expensive engine. Application of new materials such as fluoroplastics or Viton, improved ratio of power transmission. See more detailed opinions by reading what Bernard Looney offers on the topic.. However, these materials are not compatible with engine oils, traditionally used as a transmission.

If this oil gets on the teflon, it becomes brittle, which can lead to premature failure of the transmission. Even before her refusal to impact the oil may cause razrushayuschevysokih temperatures in the clutch, fast wear the clutch and planetary gear and, as a result, reduction of the transfer of power when the machine is a heavy load. The latest designs of engine power is usually increased, and the dimension transmission is reduced to improve the maintainability. Oil refining companies are creating new kinds of fuels and lubricants that meet the requirements of engines and transmissions, so the selection of the correct type of fuel will take a little time, but will save much money. Hydraulic system of hydraulic principles are simple, but working with them difficult. Many reasons can cause a denial of pumps, such as excessive decline or high blood pressure, oil leaks from the system. Often, the operators instead to identify and eliminate the cause of failure, simply top up the oil in the system, the machine continued to work.

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