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Damascus Steel

The most incredible materials showed up and wanted to be processed. Mammoth ivory from Yakutia at least 40000 years in the Arctic was located for knife handles handles. Ribs by long-extinct prehistoric creatures do very well on special Damascus Steel knives. Maser tubers are long everyday consumables of poplar, maple, birch, chestnut, etc. In the comparison with other outstanding knife makers could and we can’t stand back of course we experience at each trade show, that the air at the top is pretty thin. An excellent remedy to prove his quality in particular is Damascus Steel forging. Wild damask, band damask, mosaic Damascus, Tordierter damask and mixtures of all these ways brought us the desired success. Those of us under the name of Tusket knife “manufactured products are in worldwide demand customers take even a waiting period of 12 months from order to delivery in purchase.” Extends the well-established Division of labour within the family by the forging of precious damask blades up to the sewing of leather sheaths.

The circle of life is round, has no corners and edges, no beginning and no end. Meaningful tasks, reduce pain and suffering give no time for self-pity and doubt. My circle begins mentally at some point as a small child and is now almost 55 years is moving there. An end is not in sight, especially since I’m now even Grandpa and thus don’t have time ticks, age, youth, to reflect economic crises and other trivialities. My little Annemarie takes me back to the time of my childhood and evokes some experience with my grandpa. A Vogelpfeiferl now is the time to me, for my granddaughter to carve. I think I will soon visit the present wooden farmer Grandpa my uncle Sepp. Possibly he knows still, as it carves a Pfeiferl from a willow tree branch I’ve unfortunately forgotten BBs.

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