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You’ve seen pages that invite you to subscribe? You know what and why they usually do that? One of the best ways to stay in touch or bringing people who are looking for products or information of the type that your deliveries, is taking advantage of current technology. Subscribing to newsletters is one of the tools that allows filtering, qualify and increase the flow of customers quickly and at low cost. When someone subscribes to your newsletter, it becomes what is called a prospect client. Through this subscription, both parties gain on the one hand, your company or organization will have access to an audience that you are really interested in your information (this is what is called increased flow of qualified prospects), and on the other hand, the people who subscribe, will receive valuable information for what you are looking for (obviously this is one of the reasons why you must always add value to people who subscribe). Sends professional communications and perseveres well know that many times people do not open emails. Here, John McCann expresses very clear opinions on the subject. However, do not think that you are talking to anyone; With patience, perseverance and perseverance you positions in the minds of those people who once decided to receive your information. ALL the power can find you in your own lists of subscribers have a list means subscription volunteer people who are interested in your topic possibility that one day you buy. (Some are convinced in 3 emails, others, like myself, I became convinced in 10 years of following one of my mentors) Now you might wonder how built my own list? Well, the first secret consists in putting an electrical box on your Web site.

How to create an electrical box? There are many tools called autoresponders that allow you this possibility. A recommended resource is Mailchimp, is an application that gives you the possibility of having free a log box so you have subscribed up to 500 people on your list and send him up to 3000 emails a month in total. If you have more than this amount of people in your list, freshly there will be charged a small fee depending on the amount of subscribers. sessing future choices. But most importantly of all, is that it allows to measure the results of promotional campaigns that you make. After putting the registration box on your website, keep in mind the creation of a newsletter, that allows you to: zoom in or inform your audience or make your business grow and or make connections and to give you an exclusive information, we invite you to see this interesting interview that we conducted to Mailchimp. You know why she is one of the best companies in technology of automatic emails.

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