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With this approach, all further efforts are focusing on is to choose the best option 1b for an already existing (constant) parameter 1a. The author offers a somewhat different approach: the two parameters (and 1a, and 1b) is possible and need to change (there are two "degrees of freedom" for the changes) at the same time so that they blend well together. It is not important that each of these options is optimal by itself. It is important that the best was their combination. Further details can be found at paula abdul, an internet resource. Step 2. Based on information from 1a, 1b and 1c analyze the following questions: 2a) how to make sure that your product has to meet this need is qualitatively better than competitors' products, 2b) how to make your product started meet this new need, which products competitors do not currently satisfy all.

Step 3. Find a technical solution that allows you to paragraphs 2a or 2b by adding to your product some prime element (how to do this, see below). The design of the original product remains virtually unchanged. Therefore, such improvement does not require large financial, time, etc. Cost Step 4. Improved products to market and is positioned as either able to meet known requirements is qualitatively better than other similar products, or as a unique offering to meet completely new requirement. In the minds of the consumer of such goods is likely to be perceived as the best in its market segment and the manufacturer – as a leader in this segment. As a rule, the leader of sales and profit, 2-fold higher than that of the company, the second-ranked and 4 times greater than that which occupies the third position.

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