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Then, inevitably when we pretended to assemble our first business or venture online, was presented a new question and so we ask ourselves exactly the same questions you you at this time: not enough me time for! dedicate myself to my business! How will I do? Good question, if there are, but it has answer, unfortunately not many. It is not a play on words, but notice that this question can answer it making you another question: really want to make the Internet a means by which generate me money extra? And here you can find two responses. 1) If I want to generate extra money. (2) Do not want to generate extra money you know, which is the answer, or not? Well, then the real solution is that no longer can keep that old routine and navigation, as well as you adecuas you to new programs, and new technologies, you must also match you to a new routine of work that will allow you to meet your business in the network. All these functions that you performed on the network and that we described earlier, can also be them called tasks, just as unproductive task, now, simply, you should replace them by new fruitful tasks that give you any benefit.

Finally: All go through this stage, and we should change our routine navigation, there is no other way, the first thing for you is your business, and all the tasks that you perform will be for and by the growth of your business. It is only a matter of wanting it. Well as you should define your niche market, the same must define how much time that you have then is diagram as you’re going to use, and slowly put it in practice. I leave you a very known and others listened to but not always understood by saying: that has store, unattended. Lots of luck!

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