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Affiliate Marketing

One of the ways to start a business on the Internet is through Affiliate Marketing. But what is the exact definition of what is this marketing system? Affiliate Marketing is the way of doing business on the Internet in which an agreement between the owner of the product (Afiliador) and the person who promoted the same (affiliate) is generated. This agreement consists of the affiliate is responsible for promoting the product or service, using different systems, and the company or Afiliador, pays you a Commission for every person who has referred affiliate to the product’s Web page and the corresponding sale has occurred. Why choose Affiliate Marketing. This form of Marketing is a very attractive and highly recommended alternative for people who newly initiated or undertake business on the net. You then detail the advantages and disadvantages that have this system. Advantages.-1.-is not necessary to have an own product since this form of marketing that promotes products of others and to earn commissions for each sale made. 2.

It is a very easy and fast way to learn a business through the Internet. 3. Once you’ve referred someone to the product’s website, customer service and follow-up thereto are solely the responsibility of the owner of the product. 4 If it is a serious and responsible company, the owner of the product should you reach all instruments and tools to promote the product. (Banners, advertising, links, emails, follow-up, etc.) 5. There is an infinite number of products in which you can profit by very high commissions ranging between 20% to 70% of the value of the product. Disadvantages.-1.-If you promote a product that is of poor quality, you get rejection and bad reputation from customers who visit your site and you’ll lose them forever.

2. To refer a client to the Web page of the seller many times do not leave your data or mails on your page and if they do it on the website of the product, which makes you not have the control and monitoring of your customers. 3. Do not you get the control sales of the product that you mean and only control your promotion. In any case my intention with this analysis is to provide a very general idea of what the Affiliate Marketing and on the advantages and disadvantages that implies the same, and recommend that investigate much before you join any affiliate program, seeks feedback from other users, if you can purchase the product that you are interested to be able to promote it with more strength and confidence, this will give you idea of formality or seriousness of the enterprise in which you are interested and not forget to promote articles and products that are of the market niche which you chose. I hope your comments.

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