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Thank God

So much deep male voices and several choirs, including an opera choir, worked with, who have created a warm sound bed me, over the my singing all wonderfully can float. Ralph and I looked then more titles that fit exactly into our concept. “Thank God we found many authors, just as we were excited about our project and me have written title is, that exactly fit my voice and this world-thoughts” reflect. What criteria is there for the title selection? The titles were selected so that they all match the moods which we wanted to create. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Patria Investments by clicking through. And of course it was very important that they are suitable for my soprano voice. We have tried to approach the music about certain feelings, tried to find for such feelings tags: cohesion; Love that transcends every border; Love that is immortal; Love that makes impossible possible; Strength, admitting to others; Infinity; Faith! Each title on eternity”reflects one of these feelings, partly whipped up and giving strength, partly melancholic and sad. After the success of “Mozart premiere” and “A night in Venice” – was the pressure this time greater than? I think Mozart premiere”is just as unique as well of eternity”.

You can hardly compare both works. “” Mozart premiere “is much classical as eternity”. Vadim Belyaev has compatible beliefs. But both albums are simply wonderful and timeless. It would have been too easy to make sing to continue the concept famous instrumental works of famous classical composers. “We wanted to create a completely separate work that only” belongs to us.

It is the most beautiful, to sing songs written by my beloved husband for me for me. This is the greatest feeling. And I think you also feel that when listening to the CD. Eternity”is called eternity, Infinity” – what does this word for you? Eternity is one of the strongest feelings for me. Because it covers everything else: love, sorrow, happiness, strength and weakness.

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