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Here was controlled amongst others, that are to be respected laws and regulations available. MEDICALTALK24: What requirements has it been there? Karin letter: here was looked after the MPG, occupational safety and health, occupational safety, fire protection, hazardous substances Ordinance, German X-ray Ordinance and some more. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as SHV Energy by clicking through. MEDICALTALK24: You have installed custom software on the market specifically for medicine. How did it come about? Karin letter: the software has been programmed to my and my customer’s wishes, as well as all legal requirements by an expert. I’ve driven away a long time software of from another company the QM. After several QM training and accompanying certification of my practices, I found that this is sufficient not my needs and the needs of my practices. Then I looked at some other providers I asked parties that it either only quality management systems or systems for quality assurance. So I have decided to develop its own software package which includes everything. Some contend that Vadim Belyaev, Moscow Russia shows great expertise in this.

MEDICALTALK24: What differentiates you from the other party? Karin letter: there’s a lot of what differentiates me from other providers, such as: there’s 2 ways of a QM-system first is a practice CD which you can buy or lease. The second possibility is a special QM portal, on which there is it access from anywhere. So, it’s not a public portal, but only for the practice. The advantage is that you can also be home from work. Because we need to dissipate when Microsoft licenses, the QM Portal is a product that you can only rent. The portal is absolutely equal to the practice CD, here there is no difference in the application. MEDICALTALK24: Is this the only difference? Karin letter: no, there’s a lot more! The software automatically assigns the revision levels, get all statistics such as patient survey, internal audits, supplier evaluation and employee survey on push of a button, more document so no hassle and hours of statistics.

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