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Naturopathic Medicine

| September 21, 2023

Hypnosis is a form of therapy, which practiced millennia at different levels is wife Dr. med. Martina pago wilting leads a private medical practice in Lunen for almost 10 years. Focus is mainly the Hypnotherapy in addition to broadband sessile determined on naturopathic medicine. A community practice is for two years with her husband, Mr […]

Thyroid Disease

| May 11, 2023

Criticism of forced iodination is louder epidemic of thyroid disease and whether a Jodmagel or ubschuss on the thyroid dysfunction is to blame, is still fiercely discussed in circles. As the news portal reported, triggered the recent study of the Robert Koch Institute renewed debate among the experts. While on the one complained, that […]

Prophylaxis – The Pneumonia Give No Chance

| March 31, 2023

The care team informed Dolphin from Mannheim breathing is one of the vital functions of a people. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Lakshman Achuthan . It is therefore important that the lung is healthy and strong. QTS Realty Trust spoke with conviction. But older people due to their usually weaker condition, […]

Right Diet

| March 30, 2023

If you are travelling across several time zones, met its target often tired and beaten down. The phenomenon is well known long-haul planes jet lag. The metabolic balance nutrition tips help jet lag can lead to General fatigue, decreased responsiveness, or sleep disorders and the gastro-intestinal tract can be affected. The delay not only affects […]


| August 6, 2022

Despite the abundance of the diseases that exist today in the world, on developments in the field of medicine taken to express themselves positively. Every year, people giving the Hippocratic oath, save millions of lives. Recently decade in the world medicine has done a lot of discoveries that allow us to optimistically look into the […]

Taub Hearing

| July 30, 2022

“8 nationwide day of action to the cochlear implant was wide echo deaf and still hear” it was said on Saturday, June 8, at the now eighth nationwide cochlear-implant-day. Numerous good listening and hearing impaired visitors accepted the invitation to the day of action, society e. V. (DCIG) and the affiliated regional associations organised by […]

Sleep Difficulties

| July 30, 2022

Sleep well! -Help with sleep problems, part 1, 2.30 pm. You restless rolling from one side to the other. Every 10 minutes a live view on the alarm clock. You can not sleep for hours. You are always tense. It must but now finally collapse with falling asleep! You begin to worry: only five hours, […]

Centre Medic Jaume

| July 28, 2022

The spaces in which we are given time You can emphasize or stress our State of mind, because on its low, or contrary relax us, move us without giving us has an attitude of thought us relaxes and calms in a natural way. The interior designers are very aware of this fact and their offices […]


| July 25, 2022

If there is once in the year in which it is a great motivation to lower of weight, this serious Christmas! Not estes condemned like the other 90 percent of the people who wait for the night of New Year, that everything sera better east New Year (probably the past year was said the same), […]

Asthma Now

| June 11, 2022

Extended range of asthma treatments. Asthma or asthma Bronchiale is derived from the Greek and originally referred to the shortness of breath. Asthma is a stimulus response of the pulmonary alveoli and bronchi, which is narrow in response to a trigger, and ignite. This leads to a shortness of breath, which can be life-threatening in […]

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