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Despite the abundance of the diseases that exist today in the world, on developments in the field of medicine taken to express themselves positively. Every year, people giving the Hippocratic oath, save millions of lives. Recently decade in the world medicine has done a lot of discoveries that allow us to optimistically look into the heads of state buduschee. perfectly understand that the future of modern medicine with the latest developments in this regard annually allocated millions of dollars. This allows scientists to conduct research and create a vaccine from terrible illnesses, medical equipment and drugs, saves millions of lives. Such ailments, as plague, tuberculosis, hepatitis, malaria prevention measures pressure gradually recede. Over the last decade has accomplished great progress in creating a vaccine against hiv / aids.

This coup occurred in an area Cardiology. The technology of stents, through which runs treatment of ischemic heart disease, angina and heart attack. Using the newest method coronary arteries appeared to heal people who have observed cardiovascular disease. Herewith are the scourge of modern oncological diseases they carry the majority of human lives. In clinics around the world embedded equipment giving vozmodnost early to identify such diseases and prevent their formation. In 2007, scientists made astonishing discovery – a mature skin fibroblast cells can be converted into embryonic stem cells. Thus, scientists presented evidence that skin cells can become any tissue progenitors, and hence they can be used to cure diseases of the spine, central nervous system, diabetes and cancer.

A few years ago introduced a new technology of healing of prostate cancer – one of the most common disease in older men. The replacement of chemotherapy came Technology Cryotherapy – treatment with cold air or. In the area of the prostate is introduced argon gas, the prostate is frozen, and cancer cells at low temperature die. Just recently committed another breakthrough in the field of medicine, doctors could produce the first face transplant surgery, the patient now feels well and is on rehabilitation. According to specialists, the operation was successful. Continuing research into cloning animals, to date, this is one of the most important research, which has already pronounced a big con in science.

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