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In the service-oriented small and medium-sized businesses in the past few years have seen rapid growth offers catering companies – firms involved in the organization of corporate power, providing preparing and delivering lunches to offices and businesses. For such a large metropolis like Moscow, the chief financial and business center of Russia, a larger concentration of financial and human resources and whose economy is no longer first year is in a phase of active development, the demand in this kind of service is extremely high. Among the actual and potential clients are small businesses and enterprises that do not have sufficient resources to organization of a stationary canteen workforce. It is no secret that the contents of our own plant Catering – a company very resource demanding. To do this requires not only free areas, especially adapted for such production, such as food, but also the staff of cooks, commodity, suppliers and porters, plus a solution of a large number of organizational problems with the hassle of obtaining and renewal permits in numerous supervisory services. Clearly, for small and medium business own patient dining room – non-profit project. And here, as almost the only alternative, have the opportunity to contract with one of dozens if not hundreds, working in the Moscow market catering firms for the supply of ready-made meals.

Ordering lunch in the office, the so-called mobile form of corporate power has many advantages. It sparingly in the first place. Cost of lunch of three courses, usually considerably lower than a business lunch, ordered the Moscow cafe or restaurant. Hard competitive market conditions catering services make the company not only to make more favorable from a financial point of view of supply, but also to adapt their businesses to the specific market circumstances to the quality characteristics of service, along with already mentioned – the low cost, portability and flexibility – you must also add, perhaps most important: good culinary merits lunch, and they meet the most stringent sanitation standards and rules. Proper human resource policies and organization of work for any business is a guarantee of its progressive development, but for catering these principles are structural constituents..

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