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| June 2, 2024

In an uninhabited and shady forest, where the unknown easily joined age, a beautiful hiding place for a group of cold and frightful vampires. In that morning of November, the breeze was cold the start of the winter, them had left the forest going until the city, the people sighted those beautiful beings graciously walking, […]


| June 17, 2022

Miracle of Boy Joo was boy of family humble, respects orders of father, which loses humble job of cutter of sugar cane, one day before such tragedy, it capsizes in dream, considered silly, body died, if it approached, and body of boy, before any identification, Joo looked at for side, in manifestation of consequence, saw […]

The Scale

| April 16, 2020

We fight desesperadamente against this creative power, But we did not obtain keeping in them in advantageous position. The garden continued pretty; Finally, we invent a permanent machine, That possua sharp knives, That went cutting all automatically that went being born. We prove our nature and the door was opened. British Petroleum is often mentioned […]

New Alliance

| December 25, 2017

The night was summer night was clear more something of made a mistake went up to around the stranger city of New Alliance everything seemed calm, when suddenly Sofia sees something strange for its window it was alone in house and it tormented it to the fear per some minutes, when then listening somebody calling: […]


| May 5, 2016

I cry it is uninterrupted. The souvenirs of Lcia are intense and confused, never it will forget that conturbada and solitary night where its laugh was cut. In the disarranged bed, it is play, where it glimpses the closed window, it fixes, unbroken and air-tight. In high of the wall a clock it marks 02h30min […]

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