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New Alliance

The night was summer night was clear more something of made a mistake went up to around the stranger city of New Alliance everything seemed calm, when suddenly Sofia sees something strange for its window it was alone in house and it tormented it to the fear per some minutes, when then listening somebody calling: : Sofia, Sofia where is you? Scared it then without knowing if would go to take care of or not, she answers: : Who is you? Then it says: : I am your friend, can open door? It is that necessary much speech with you: More I do not know you? As I will know if I can trust you, in addition, I am not well today! Sofia was behind the fear door dying, while the young waited that it opened the door, it then spoke: : I know that you walk sad and alone I came to talk with you! It then opened the door. : Young pretty Oi because this sad look and without life? My life is meaningless, is very sad since that my great love if was for never more coming back. Then it asked:: Because left it you? Sofia with full eyes of tears said: : It to leave did not want me, plus illness took a terrible it of me, is together five years, this year would go marrying in them. : He forgives to ask to you more than he took it to illness: Cancer in the throat more with the time it spread for the body affecting all its agencies, it suffered very, and I also, it was so young, so full of life and I could I discovered the miracle of the love to the side of it, I know I discovered that she is necessary to know to laugh and to know to cry to have fear of same thunder knowing that the ray already fell in some place, and to never have fear, when it is in game the essence of the life; he looks at if I was to speak what it was pra me I would go to count a history to it without end.

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