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It is impossible to feel really happy in such a room. There was indeed an experiment with aggressive inmates. They were imprisoned in a fully pink painted cell. It was found that these people within a very short time very quietly and were balanced, sometimes even began to cry. You explained this, adding the color pink the small and innocent child in the people is addressed, or recalled in memory. So one could say that the colors directly affect our soul our true self. Such impact forces in forms and in terms of other people are also transferable. If such a person is in a field of activity of a grouping, so the whole group also directly affects these people.

Take dependent, alcohol or drug addicts as an example. Usually, then also the “Circle of friends” or better “circle of friends” is also dependent on. These people are located in one, I call it time “Action bubble” and are repeatedly confronted with these impact forces of the drug. Because the addiction itself has a very large force and influence on these people, they will return again to, as long as they are in this “bubble effect” and in the context of. It is very difficult under its own power from this bubble effect”to”remove”.

This also explains why for example in alcohol or drug addicts during and after therapy at least recommend the addict, to withdraw completely from this grouping and to separate. Of course, “does not recognize” the dependent this, or “want” it also “recognize”. Because the effect of the drug or this grouping, I mean this circle of friends and acquaintances, have no negative impact, on the contrary seen Yes subjective on this dependent people: the dependent perceives it so often as positive, because just the drugs have a “pleasant” effects and mood on the person concerned or produce.

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