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Mr Steinbruck

Debt will make perhaps no longer the resources and reserves be possible if the speculator out of sight has gotten himself, because he has. If a new crisis, which is recorded already by various economists and economists and also Mr Steinbruck comes to fruition, certainly also the banks will collapse again and this time may be lost also the savings of citizens. As positive in this situation is to mention that there will be no public debt also at this moment, because of the Will creditors with the collapse of the banks that are invisible. You may find that John McCann can contribute to your knowledge. The crisis that shakes the world, or the next crisis is far to access and include everything, because only around the world, as already seen, such a repeat fiasco can take place. Actually, this is the ideal State for a total new start in entirely new ways, going to come anyway. The question is only how and best before the crisis.

But what would take place between crisis and a new beginning? Everyone can form their own opinion there. A third world war is not to exclude and that would be the Apocalypse in the truest sense of the word. All provoked by a worldwide, highly visible public debt, solely by shortsighted politicians, against the Constitution and public (capital commitment and solidarity) violated and the monsters have made possible speculation and just again busily working on this site. In 2010, a such forecast, as recorded here must appear incredible and frivolous. Is it really so? If we unbiased look on the year 2010, on August 6, and so the chaos, the world is in, but nothing is impossible.

The entire Arab world is almost more or less under fire. Hundreds of people die and hundreds are injured and you have and houses destroyed or confiscated. Whole regions are simply bricked up or sealed off from the rest of the world.

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