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Connect Ot Art

Connects Art to sensitive areas and creative human being while it is his vision of sensible reality. This enables the inner journey and self, social interaction, knowledge of the other, in full, enriching the quality of relationships. This experience brings a sense of art to everyday life, overcome gaps and increase our satisfaction, so that a smaller impact on social stress and social conflict. Any change in the individual is reflected in society. Thus, the Arts, through its profound and universal language, it becomes a of the most powerful tools for raising awareness and promoting change, both personally and socially, since, as a cultural expression of a people, is deeply rooted in its people. This is the context in which SensibilizARTE, with the aim of drawing attention to the causes and effects of human impact, both environmental and social and cultural rights, disseminating and promoting artistic and literary works that encourage reflection and change necessary, bringing together a dynamic group of artists and writers committed to demonstrate that ideals exist and can fight for them. Idealist mature and fully aware of the plight and power of any gesture, however small or insignificant it may seem, as a bridge to a more balanced and at peace. No effort is in vain if, he makes the world think, stop and think or simply call into question the circumstances that forced him to lower his arms and watch passively.

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