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Argentina School

14 Women’s Day, we apply tests link, we out the online consultation launched the IFE using the media classroom for the entire campus students vote in both shifts, we conducted the campaign’s online selection of free textbooks to throw the CONALITEG. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jeff Leiden and gain more knowledge.. In the field of history of Mexico with Professor Joaquin Leon Esteban Aviles, students already have their blogs on different themes, such links can be read on the blogspot blog. com portion of these were developed by media in the classroom under our support. We also continue to participate in redescolar portal in the space of Continuing Education with six groups of second year during the months of May and June 2009, in the areas of the subject of Spanish with Arce Citlalic Armenia. Where we seek to achieve learning through teamwork and the use of Information Technologies and Communication, presenting issues related to language and literature, entertaining perspective that supports students with different curricula.

In May and June we participated in a sample of Edublog in Venezuela with the number 25 of 87 blogs with the school blog Humberto Zazueta Munoz in 2009 Edublog involving countries such as Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico and other Latin American countries plus Spain. We have sent information to various forums on the management of classroom resources and how teachers apply ICT in their classes and they are getting positive results, as well as show our high school blog the world 2009 Edublog sample blogspot. com / search / label / news contest was conducted among 87 participants from Latin America blogs and Spain, did not win but we were the only ones in Baja California Sur, Mexico for the next school teachers are already doing with our support and guidance blogs and webquest for the following subjects: Spanish (Citlalic Arce), Chemistry (Jose Medina) Physics (Armando Lucero) History of Mexico (Joaquin Leon).

In addition to continuing with the online training of teachers interested. Here some links of material online where we show our work, we have created the following sites for dissemination of classroom activities in the media and in different subjects taught on campus: blogs blogspot. com / blogspot. com / blogspot. com / blogspot. com / SITE OF HISTORY OF THE SCHOOL SHMZ google. com / View? id = dchvnq4j_3czkd7dfm ON YOUTUBE youtube.

com / user / ditango youtube. com / user / secundariahmz We are moving into the site with activities in the media classroom and subject teachers, always placing the name of our school in the early educational levels in Mexico and Latin America. For the next school year 2009 – 2010 will continue under the premise that the media classroom is an open space to the school community, which aims to strengthen the teaching-learning process through the use of ICT in all subjects. Sincerely Professor Luis Alberto Leal Espinoza responsible media classroom Secondary Humberto Zazueta Munoz La Paz Baja California Sur, Mexico Teacher of physics, in charge of computer equipment, Munoz Humberto Zazueta school located in La Paz in Baja California Sur Mexico, graduated from normal school than the state of Baja California Sur, remedial teaching and licensure in secondary education with specialization in physics.

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