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Native Intellectuals

Another factor that contributed to the revolutionary movement was the work conducted by native intellectuals, known as precursors, who spread the principles of liberty and equality. Among them are: Antonio Narino, Francisco Miranda and Camilo Torres. Bolivar was declared president Republic and Francisco de Paula Santander, who actively fought in the campaign, was named vice president. In 1819 it was possible to realize the dream of Bolivar, who liberated countries wanted: New Granada, Venezuela and the province of Quito, formed a single and powerful republic. Gran Colombia, an ideal that the “Liberator” was realized from 1819 to 1830.

The Venezuelan Francisco Miranda conceived the continental political unity with the name of the Gran Colombia, in honor of Christopher Columbus. In 1830 Simon Bolivar resigned the presidency for health reasons after having been subjected to an attempt on his life in 1825. Finally he died on December 17, 1830 in Santa Marta. MYTHOLOGY Chibcha Indians in the town all their activities revolved around religion and their gods, the sun was the principal who called Xue. In his honor a temple in the valley of Irak, where he lived the high priest of Sogamoso.

All subjects were to attend the Confederation of Sugamuxi at least twice in his life and present offerings. The moon seen Xue’s wife was one of the divinities to whom special cult. Chiminigagua, creative principle Chiminigagua Legend was the creator of the universe and is considered the supreme deity. The birds into the air black light source, which is then condensed into the sun, the reflection of the moon and the rainbow, called cuchaviva.

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