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Vologda City Market

Rooms on the first floor of residential buildings, as well as built-in – built-on areas. Most of these areas are occupied by grocery stores. These areas are very convenient to place food store format “within reach” in the sleeping areas of the city. We should also note the high level of development of this segment of these facilities – in some areas of such facilities are in set the so-called “shopping streets”.

By shopping streets means a series of freestanding retail facilities, commercial space, situated in built-adjoined rooms on 1-floors of residential and administrative buildings. In Vologda, the following streets may be considered closest to the concept of “commercial street”: st. Lenin Str. Herzen Str. Mira Str. Leningrad. A distinctive feature of these streets is high transit flows of vehicles and pedestrians. Such markets are outdated format of trade as the market in Vologda is still quite popular – there are about 30 markets, such as food, yet non-food.

But only one of them was designed as a market (MUP “Vologda City Market“), the rest can be divided into two classes: the refurbished rooms, originally designed for other purposes (gyms, businesses catering, factory); open markets.

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