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Continuing the series of articles related to food flavorings, today concluded with Marinades or marinated meat. In Venezuela they called this process macerate. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Sean Lock by clicking through. Today investigating the subject learned that the term macerate, has another meaning in the chemical industry, where is used when talk of extraction liquid often. Definitely we are then left with the term marinate, since in the process of cooking meats, cooking techniques, which allow preserving own food juices, which is where the main nutrients are found and that the final product is juicy, soft chew, while if extract you liquids, we have a hard meat are usually useddry, nothing pleasant to the palate. In previous columns we cover the topic of herbs them and spices, then we write the flavors of the world, characterized by the use of certain condiments; last week, preparations used to give flavor, such as dressings, mojos, ajiceros and canned, so we can now cover the art of marinade. Marinating is a technique of kitchen, through which becomes a food soak, with an aromatic liquid, during a certain time (from 20 minutes up to several days), so it is more tender after this time or that will be more flavored. The Marinades add flavor, juiciness, and sometimes even soften the preparation.

The Marinades contain oil, an acid element vinegar, lemon or orange – juice, and seasonings either herbs or spices. Marinate meats begins with clean grease, the leather case of the chicken, add salt; then put them in a container, preferably in cookware of stainless steel (bowl, glass, porcelain or plastic and even plastic bags which are hermetically closed, are an excellent choice. Add the oil, as well as all the ingredients for the marinade. You must have in mind that importantly, stir well the ingredients with the food that is to marinate, for make a uniform mixture. You do not need to cover the food; generally you need half a cup of marinated by every 2 pounds of food.

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