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Not natural to get pregnant treatment business amounts to more than 2 billion dollars annually in the United States but only 1 of each or 4 women have success with this type of treatment. According to a study revealed in the United States, they exist today more 300 clinics specializing in infertility treatment compared with only a handful of 20 or 25 years ago. The pharmaceutical industry also invests millions of dollars in research of new techniques or methods to be able to conceive. Competition between infertility treatment is so great that many experts fear that many health incurred in risky practices to patients. Up to the moment and considering the costs of these treatments might say that they are far from a success story: insemination or IVF treatments in Vitro, for example, have an approximate cost that round among the 4,000 and $20,000 for each attempt and without taking into account whether it has succeeded or failed, as well as additional costs in medication and consultations before, during and After the pregnancy. Many clinics measure their success in terms of if the woman is able to become pregnant under this type of methods, which is 1 out of 3 women, but many women suffer abortion once pregnant why, mug’s success is even more small: only 1 of every 4 women approximately. On the other hand we have the stories of success of treatments of type holistic and 100% natural that have cups of more than 50% of success and without risks and much less the costs of traditional methods of assisted insemination. The main reason why traditional methods often do not work is exclusively physical approach that give the problem when this demonstrated that in many cases of infertility, the problem is of psychological origin or otherwise..

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