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Obesity is not a disease that produces only aesthetic or problems in the quality of people’s lives. The effects that excess weight has on the body are numerous and some of them, usually do not know that they are due to overweight. Many of the metabolic changes caused by excess weight. Obese patients can suffer various hormonal disorders, cardiovascular problems, resistance to insulin, type II diabetes, bone problems such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, arthritis, among others. All these associated diseases cause a decrease of life expectancy. Poorly balanced diets rich in fat, particularly animal fats, cause an increase of the fatty tissue in different areas of the body. Slowly, whole body goes covering with grease, so that the circulatory system is severely affected. The heart, the veins and arteries are more required to respond to the increased demand for blood flow.

The demandingness the circulatory system has resulted in the emergence of different affections. The arterial hypertension and heart attacks are two of the most common. Michael McIntyre is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The respiratory system is also affected by the adipose tissue which begins to be installed everywhere. The throat may be affected and appear when the fat begins to settle there, snoring and sleep apnea. In both cases, the patient’s social and work life is affected, since both conditions prevent a good night’s rest. The obese patient who suffers starts having problems concentrating, lack of energy, poor memory, extreme tiredness, can fall asleep during the day, among other problems.

But in addition, lack of sleep is linked to an increase in the bad mood, irritability and nervousness. Hormonal disorders are very common among people with excess weight. One of the most common problems is the insulin resistance but not the only, also other alterations can occur as a malfunction of the thyroid gland and decrease of the growth hormones in children and adolescents, among others. Excess weight creates a great pressure on the joints and bones, causing a much higher than normal wear. For this reason the conditions such as gout, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, among others, are very common among patients who suffer from obesity. A study published by the prestigious New England (NEJM for its acronym in English) medical journal has shown that people who suffer from severe obesity with a BMI greater than 45 live up to 20 years less than people who do not suffer from excessive weight. According to the Department of health and human services of the United States (HHS for its acronym in English), the estimated years of life lost as a result of overweight and obesity can be up to 20 years, as shown in the following graphic: also, other researchers estimate that obesity causes about 300,000 deaths in the United States annually. The majority of metabolic disorders begin to disappear when the patient reduces your body weight. It is very important that if you have excess weight begins to take steps to recover his health. The first step to be able to defeat the overweight and obesity is to understand that it is a disease and as such it has to be treated, closer to us and together we will find the ideal treatment for it.

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