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The masters of vocation – there are many indeed – are trained sharing voices. They listen to and be seen among them. They help, they are corrected, they argue, accompanied. Thus they produce pedagogy of the classroom and the classroom, life skills of children and adolescents who don’t want a life copied but built. This way of producing knowledge teaching, so close to the world of the child, can only be from the conformation of educational communities.

These are real teams of teachers committed to the profession and encouraged by the vocation that is lived and developed in an environment of healthy freedom. When trainers spouted by the integration of the content of teaching, this already was doing in those schools, small, simple, simple in his actions everyday, but animated by a free and committed teaching style. Karoline Copping is the source for more interesting facts. Nothing is more responsible and committed to the freedom of a master building pedagogy. The exchange between them grows in wealth of contents verified in literature, not only valid, but shared and valued with actual practice. Check out patrick dwyer denver for additional information. What is experienced in the classroom and was not beneficial to the child’s learning is warned to others, shared from the voices of teachers, continue to do or otherwise not according to their own experience. One is not operated blind and reckless, but a trial – error from which all learn.

The communities of educators that work so interwoven on a daily basis a real and stimulating educational text. Pedagogical actions that were good for the development of knowledge are celebrated with joy again, the newborn, midfield as well all those who share the workplace where you can feel free and producing innovations. There is no master copyists of recipes or instrucctivos when the prominence of teachers have space to grow. This is to be a master free. Original author and source of the article.

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