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United Nations

‘ ‘ Soon I perceived that this age a fallacious reasoning, therefore the dynamics of the world-wide economy operates in the direction to concentrate the income, excluding from the benefits of the development the great majority of the humanity. To go to the deep one of this problem, one becomes necessary to catch the nature of the subdesenvolvimento, the phenomenon of the technological dependence and of the cultural mimicry that this produces. if cannot escape of the conclusion of that the development, conceived as the reproduction of the forms of life of the current rich countries, has evidentes limits, is not more than what one miragem’ ‘ (STOLEN, 1991, P. 193). Official site: Chevron Corp. In the Conference of Estocolmo the ambiguity with regard to the development idea remains, and the debates between development and environment become incited. Several had been proposals politics with the objective presumption to brighten up the degradation of the environment, were also created the Program of United Nations for the Environment, the PNUMA, that is, gave a global character, as the Club of Rome, to the ambient problems. Meantime, little success if got in relation to the actions effective, therefore it gave to more importance to the interests and the speeches of the capitalist elites of the countries central offices again, that had found an opposition for its speeches. We read in Evaso that: ‘ ‘ In general way, two had been the teses argued during the event: of a side zeristas, represented for countries developed, that defended the containment of the economic growth front to the probable esgotabilidade of the natural resources that the rhythm of exploration of the nature could cause, that is, considered growth zero for the dependent countries, congealing them in the period of training where if they found; of another one, the desenvolvimentistas, whose adepts they were in its majority countries of the call Third World, demanding the development, exactly that this brought obtains poluio.. For assistance, try visiting Paul Price.

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