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The Optimum

In theory, the decision section mnogokritorialnogo select available solutions such problems, one of which is finding the optimum between the two criteria. In our case we are talking about the optimal price – quality. However, this way is very complicated and require a lot of time. I propose another way to select the exposure chamber, which is based on the consistent application of first price and then quality. And if more, then you will notice that the price of the most expensive ekspokamery proposed for market is no more than 12 tys.rubley.Eti money if you do not sit idly by and it will not gather dust somewhere in a closet, back to you in a month, on the other. Therefore it makes sense to fix the price criteria on the level of 12 thousand rubles.

Next, apply a second criterion for money. Here are a few need to think about. To this end, the quality sort through: 1. Reliability. The exposure chamber consists of a body, uv lamps and all. Break in Basically, nothing. The only thing that can happen, may burn out the lamp.

Having a spare lamp on hand, about this problemma can not think. 2. Performance. Number plates of seals in the exposure chambers ranged from 2 to 25 pieces per tsikl.Zdes worth thinking about: what you need a camera – with a smaller work surface, or more, will you have a large volume manufacturers, or a more modest (for example for their own needs firm). 3.

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