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Individual Managers

Despite the fact that, in principle, all the leaders of the atu perform administrative actions, not to say that all of them involved the same type of work. Individual managers have to spend time coordinating the work of other leaders who, in turn, coordinate the work of employees over low-level, etc. to the level of manager, who coordinates the activities neupravlencheskogo staff – people who are physically manufacturing products or providing services. Such a vertical division of labor deployment and forms management levels. In an organization consisting of many parts, must be some way to coordinate their activities. That it acts as a basis structure of the organization, which is usually defined as a set of stable ties to the organization.

Generally, in all organizations, including the atp secrete several types of bonds. Most of the analysis are the following pairs of relations: the vertical and horizontal; linear and functional. Vertical linkages connect the hierarchical levels in the organization and its parts. They are formalized in the process of designing the organization, operate continuously and are displayed at all possible schemes reflecting the distribution of power or pointing out who's who "in the organizational hierarchy. These links are conduits of regulatory and accounting information, thus creating stability in the organization. In within the vertical ties solve problems of power and influence, ie, implemented "top-loading" work. Typically, the growth of the organization accompanied by increased vertical linkages, so that the number of these ties can be judged about the size of the organization.

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