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The fact, that after a resentment, originates is allowed to act, give you the opportunity to manifest, we must know that this can lead us to negative, unfavorable situations in our emotional stability, relate, growth, making us that froze emotions impregnated with hatred, resentment, anger, revenge, rage, discomfort. Hence, that we were not surprised as cepvi points out. com When he has not been resolve resentment manifested situations where: we are hypersensitive or with the nerves of tip when remind us of the person or persons involved. We tend to deny any sense of anger or hatred towards that person. We are provoked or angered when we observe that persons against whom we keep resentment are recognized for their achievements. They reproach our hostile, sarcastic, and cynical attitude which becomes a barrier between one and people with whom we wish to establish a healthy relationship. We bogged us in our personal development. We reject all attempts of others to ensure that we work on forgiveness and forget offenses and past damage.

We resist all attempts to push us to continue with our lives, including the suggestion that We have a case pending with people from our past where we should work. We find it hard to open up and trust other people, especially in new relationships. We find hard believing that we will be not recognized by our capacity, value, and achievements. How to overcome the resentment? Definitely, once you are given opportunity to that resentment appears, must know what face, so that this does not lead us to conflict, nor harms others and above all violates our personal development. (article by James J. Messina and Constance M.), gives us some techniques that we share with the reader to know: admit that there is resentment unresolved behind our attitude hostile, cynical and sarcastic; and decide to get rid of him.

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