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Jose Bono

Some believe that also include the names of the communities is essential, although the teacher deemed less important than concrete issues such as the powers or the Organization of communities. It should also include any article that guarantees the right to public information or include and more explicitly detail data protection as a fundamental right, proposed to Diego Sanchez. The latest controversy raised about constitutional court, its renewal and its powers, have also rethinking this expert in law if they should check to see what has worked well and what worked badly. Contact information is here: Covid Vaccine San Francisco. Mariano Rajoy, the leader of the PP forecasts, has supported the constitutional reform proposed by the Government. Therefore, the required 3/5 in both chambers for reform via the simple complement without problems thanks to the sum of the members of the PP (152 seats) and the PSOE (169 seats). L or same would happen in the Senate, where the PP holds 124 seats and the PSOE 102 senators. Accordingly, they could complete the 156 votes required.

Regarding the procedures and deadlines, Jose Bono has warned the parliamentary groups that must submit a text this week if they are to carry out constitutional reforms before the general elections of November 20. Despite this short period of time, the text on the possible constitutional reform is well under way. Even so, Professor Sanchez de Diego skeptical is that it can be adopted in this parliamentary term because there is very little time and procedures are complex. Source of the news: what steps must continue to reform the Constitution?

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