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We recommend that everytime a Post-it to be moved to another group, others try to see the logical connection to avoid a Post-it is moved from one group to another more than a reasonable point; If this occurs, it is suitable to duplicate Post-it and place it in the groups where the affinities lie. The silence during the execution of this step is necessary so that each Member of the team can concentrate on the meaning of ideas and connections between them, also to avoid arguments that delay activity. If any of the Post-it remains without grouping, not be discarded but grouping them together even if they have no affinity between them. Step 5: Appoint panels by discussion of the team, assigns a name to one of the groups with which everyone agrees and transmitting, in very few words, the idea central of all Post-it that compose it. This step should be performed until all groups have a name. The Group’s post-it that have no relationship with each other, may be appointed as several or miscellaneous. The names of the groups are They recorded on a Post-it that differs from others as either being of another color, by having a role of greater size or have a letter more big.

If there are very large grouping, these can be divided in sub-agrupamientos with their respective names step 6: draw the diagram of affinity final this is the final step and simply consists of organizing Post-it from each group and place the name at the top. By way of example, a finished affinity diagram is shown in Figure 12. Benefits – Summarizes and organizes the information gathered through different techniques for collection of data. -Identifies the fundamental problems or main ideas of the subject object of analysis. -Promotes the creativity of all members of the team in all steps in the development of the diagram. -Promotes communication and consensus through the discussion argued. -It promotes non-traditional connections between ideas and affairs.

-It promotes teamwork and not individualistic solutions but through consensus building. Relationship with others Tools – brainstorming (Brainstorming). -Diagram of inter-relationships. -Tree diagram. -Cause and effect diagram.

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