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The Spanish Association against pollution by noise (AECOR) continues with its informative work on the CTE DB-HR, this time in the province of Caceres. Responsible for exposing, on this fourth day, this document provides interesting innovations in the field of acoustics, has been Juan Frias, Secretary of AECOR. Cold has informed, not only of these developments with respect to the previous legislation, but the benefits the DB-HR, increasing the acoustic quality in building. DB-HR is a necessary step towards comfort in housing and quality of life. Its application is perfectly feasible in our country and meets the fundamental aspects that must have rules for its implementation, i.e., its application possible, because demands are not excessive, elements suitable for your compliance and solutions are known and are available in the market says Juan Frias. DB-HR sets minimum conditions of design, construction, maintenance and use of buildings to reduce discomfort or illness generated by noise. One of the main innovations of this document is that it allows in situ verification by measurement in work completed by accredited laboratories, from isolation to air noise, both facades and dividing between homes, from isolation to noise impact on horizontal between housing elements of separation, and the reverberation time in rooms that require it. For AECOR, the CTE is the most effective response to the demand that society has been doing for several years, in terms of sound quality. For more information: Ana Gordo/Silvia Lopez / RMG & Asociados 91 597 16 16 on AECOR: the Spanish Association against pollution by noise (AECOR) is a body which brings together several companies of the acoustic sector and which works to ensure the quality of the actions aimed at protecting citizens from noise and reduce the impact that have these on the environment. (www.aecor.

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