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To leave in the first positions of Google is possible For any company to be present in the main finders (Google, Yahoo, Msn ) is synonymous of new contacts, and therefore of new clients. Many companies have invested their efforts in creating a page Web, but few in being able to make their investment profitable, that is to say, obtaining that the Web serves to increase the business. For example: The fictitious company the Masia, dedicated to the rural lodging in the Pyrenean one, has a page Web, but it did not consider the promotion of this Web, so that when doing a search in Google only appears by the words the Masia , i . A client interested in spending days in a rural house of the Pyrenean one, if she looks for information in Internet, makes searches with words like: rural house , lodging in Pyrenean , rural lodging , rural in Pyrenean, etc. Therefore the Web of the Masia when not being positioned for these words, he will be invisible for the majority of the users, who will end up finding the first Webs of the competition. Different forms exist to promote the page Web of a company in Internet, two of most effective are: Natural positioning Consists of applying the techniques necessary to be able to increase the value of the Web in the finders.

Of this form we were able to improve its position in the natural results search by some excellent words for the company (key words). A project of natural positioning of a Web is a very effective work, but their results are not immediate, in many cases does not begin to notice the improvement until after 4/6 months. We have to consider that the finders change their norms of indexing quite often, i that are penalized techniques that can suppose to disappear of the list of results. Announcements in Internet Consist of making publicity of the Web, including announcements in the finders i/o in other Webs. A campaign in a finder like Google, does possible to appear between the first results search, stops the words that we decided, in a matter of minutes. Also they are possible to be inserted in pages Web with contents related to the company, graphical text announcements, announcements, announcements of video This type of publicity is of most effective and profitable than they exist, since the advertiser only pays by the obtained results, that is to say, he only pays if a user clicks in his announcement, independent of the times that the announcement is seen.

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