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In the course of this study can we see model quit effective communication, this model only works even in practice, but will give US knowledge of correct model of communication. Keywords: Communication; Project Management; Elements of Communication INTRODUCTION the communication and the culture walks side by side since the sprouting of the humanity, with this to the measure that the man evolua the communication also made its contribution for this evolutivo process, where is necessary its aid and existence, so that we could arrive the communication that we know nowadays. The art of communication of the human being comes of the necessity to interact even though with other beings of the same species or with different beings, therefore exactly before giving to its first words the human beings they had looked for to become to understand through signals, gestures, sounds and etc. This study it is come back toward the importance of the communication in the management of projects, where a bibliographical research will be made, from books, magazines, scientific articles, monographs and sites in which contain subjects related to the subject considered for this study object. The research has as objective to show how much the communication is important for the success of a project, more necessarily to explain the importance of a good communication and to define some steps to get an efficient communication, where the proposal of this article is to tell since the beginning of the communication passing for diverse stages of basic importance, as for example, what it is the communication and its elements, verbal and not verbal communication, the communication in the management of projects amongst others, showing that it is very important for the companies, heads of sectors, directors, presidents and even though for the proper customers, that is, stakeholders does not give the due importance to the communication, therefore through it when transmitted with clarity, objetividade and effectiveness if it makes possible even though to get the success of a project or of a company as a whole. .

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