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Beneficiation Line

Fine crushing equipment (fine-crushing equipment) can not only be used in artificial sand production line, but can also be used to pray line.the application processing of fine crushing machinery in the mineral processing production line having Las siguientes ventajas: downgrade beneficiation line production costs, and improve the concentrate grade of the ore. First of all, we should look at the problem of raw material crushing and grinding system. the crushed ore particle size of small-scale concentrator mill is about 25 mm, which makes the mill grinding efficiency is greatly decreased. Because the mill is a kind of fine grinding device, the mill coarse crushing efficiency is low, when crushing the ore whose size is 25 millimeters (mm) to 80 microns (um) or below, the grinding efficiency is very low. In this case, one ton of medium hardness to pray, the power consumption is around 25KWH.but if we adopt the advanced crushing technology, the crushing particle size can achieve less than 10 mm, while the power consumption per tons of ore refiner is only about 13KWH. The method is to increase to crushing on the crusher basis of the coarse crushing system, which can make the former mill raw ore particle size decrease from 25 mm to 10 mm, when using the fine crushing equipment, the electricity consumption of per ton od pray need is 5KWH. The change of two fine crushing equipment can decrease the power consumption 7KWH for crushing and grinding these two systems.

And the consumption costs of hammer, liner consumption costs in the before-grinding crushing equipment are significantly lower than the cost of mill steel ball liner and consumption. An ore concentrator whose annual processing capacity is 100,000 tons, adopt the state-of-the-art technology in the process of crushing, grinding, and finally saves 40 million on the electricity and material consumption. There are many kinds of ore fine crushing equipments (fine-crushing equipments), but the ideal equipments the user can select are few, such as crusher, whether the vertical shaft hammer crusher, horizontal or hammer crusher, there exists the disadvantages of the hammer head short life, large hammerhead and liner consumption, frequently replaced, low production per hour, high power consumption and large maintenance difficulties, long time, low equipment operation .the Shortest replacement time is thirty-five days, the longest replacement time is two weeks. As to the Hammer and liner consumption, one ton of ore need as much as 1 yuan, the electrical consumption per crushing tons of ore needs is 7KWH. We should choose the energy-saving crushing system which low consumption, long life wear time, high yield, stable discharge coexistence, small power consumption, such as cone crusher, the power consumption can decrease from 7KWH / ton of ore to 5KWH / ton of ore. the consumption cycle of wear-resistant steel liner materials can improve from one week to six months, the linear, hammer and the other wear resistant steel consumption of per ore can decrease from 0.2 kg to 0. 01 kg, which drops about 20 times.

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