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It was particularly difficult and the relief I felt when I was full was enormous. That’s not to say that hope may have turned out to be true. It may have been difficult, but it is important to note that in any way, a lot of energy went into the stage of expectation and could have gone straight to the reality of it-rather than wasting energy thinking and guessing what might be. Thinking about the time when my children were very young, my son, who is older than my daughter was very cautious and consciousness. My daughter was much more of a free spirit who did not concern itself about the responsibility. My son came home from school without the hand knitted sweater.

I went crazy not understand how a child who is as responsible could do something so irresponsible. Then I surprised myself? I thought that if this had been my daughter, I would have expected something. And from that moment I realized how our expectations can get in the way and how our behavior can be based on ideas and thoughts that are simply not true and may not be relevant. Any child could have left behind a sweater. The difference occurred only in my expectations.

“Experiment NA: Is there something you have expectations about? Perhaps it is the behavior of another person, something I have been out of it, or perhaps realize that there is an expectation in your mind about something you would like to be different. If you are willing, to provide notice to their expectations and see what they really are? only ideas about something that can not be true or may not be possible. Also, notice how much time or energy to think about going out of control ideas in his mind. Hopefully, you will experience freedom and relief to abandon those ideas. Marion Franklin – is a Certified Professional Life Coach who coaches individuals and groups regarding personal and professional change, focus, human relations and conflict management. Marion has coached managers of large companies like PepsiCo, Toys’R’Us, and Reader’s Digest. Takes place and help clients design workshops and presentations, has been a featured presenter at meetings, retreats, and a workshop ongoing Women’s Series, was quoted in The Journal News and The Wall Street Journal, and has appeared on local cable television.

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