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Japanese Homes

Japan a year later, still no life in sight is desire for return to normalcy a year after the disaster for many Japanese. You miss not only her personal belongings and goods, but also everyday utensils and an environment that is not constantly reminds of the devastation. These people need help, because however, a country may be how developed after a disaster are getting people through the social safety net, including low-income families and the elderly. Here helps Habitat for humanity in particular. All of this was missing those who live in the Government transition homes or go back to their damaged homes mattresses and bedding, heating carpets, heater and kitchen utensils. The Japanese Government estimates that the reconstruction of ten years will take.

14,700 people died in the earthquake and subsequent tsunami on March 11, 2011, over 500,000 people have lost their homes. After the triple disaster responded for the 11th March 2011 Habitat Humanity together with partner organisations and mobilized volunteers. These were initially used for debris removal and cleanup, soon after they began to repair damaged houses with the help of local carpenters. “Later were families who had lost their entire estate and were not equipped to the strict Japanese Winter Home Starter Kits” or usual in Japan heating products such as heating carpets. Now, the focus is to eliminate the traces of the devastation by repainting, repairs and Rennovierungen in homes, community centers and public spaces. There are still many cleanup and repairs that can exert voluntary.

Together with the Japanese aid organisation peace boat”, Habitat plans for humanity to mobilize over 4,500 volunteers. Aid Habitat for humanity volunteers eliminated mud and debris in 400 private houses as well as in public volunteering overview over 10,000 working days Facilities, parks and sewers and houses painted. A focus of the relief efforts of Habitat for humanity in Japan was and is situated in the extensive use of volunteers who come mostly from other regions of Japan.

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