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In the women's magazine there is always a section 'Horoscope', in a man's – no, no. Men – are serious people, they do not believe in all these stupid horoscopes, feng shui and other palmistry. Although rare in men's magazines present the so-called business horoscope. Like, we are here purely on the case with the Stars is checked, and not about some high-Love-carrot. 5. Age-old question – gentlemen prefer blondes? Recoverable at random eight men's magazines and 8 women, and count all caught the eye of blondes and brunettes, including painted and who advertises something. As a result, men's magazines found 43% to 57% of blondes brunettes and a female – 48% to 52% of brunettes blondes. In short, they turned out to be roughly equal, or even like most of the gentlemen prefer brunettes, but women still do not know.

6. There is a theme directly related (and even as a bound, thick-pretolstymi ropes!) with intimate gender relations, which is constantly being discussed in the men's magazines and shamefully not seen women's magazines. Women's magazines in the same the vast majority are silent – they have no such issues. Whether it's lying all the men's statistics, whether natural modesty does not allow the ladies to admit – yes, we are also interested, but the fact remains. But for activities with handcuffs and ropes need at least two, as a rule, he and she. And where is it finds it, that is the question! 7. And the women's and men's magazines tend to position their attitude towards the representatives of opposite sex as beings from another world, strange and more primitive than themselves.

At these creatures can be hunted, tamed by cunning or affection, to study their habits, psychology, behavior among themselves like, laugh at them, play different games. Almost like a brother (sister) our smaller. The authors are women mad at nepriruchaemost male and his unwillingness to fit into their devised scheme, and male authors, in turn, resent the notorious women's logic, and the insidious property of capricious and twirl men (higher beings!) as they want. As a result, writing new articles and made a sensational discoveries about the opposite sex. Perhaps in this enduring irrepressible interest in each other is precisely the meaning of our lives

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