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Economic Diversification

To keep the focus and to print a more intense rhythm in the initial phase of implantation in virtue of the existence of estruturantes projects that condition the execution of excessively throughout the transformation process. I contend projection of the year of 2006 until the year of 2025, the actions are divided, fitting how much to the Governana and Sustentabilidade in each Group of Projects (the governana conditions and support of each group of projects will be object of special attention of all the managemental line, since the managing nucleus until each one of the controlling of estruturantes projects. The controlling of each group will have to take care of of an agenda of governana and support, specific to each subject) diverse subjects as: Development of the Human Capital; Eradication of the Poverty and Reduction of the Inaqualities; Reduction of the Violence and Crime; Internalization of the Development; Development of the Net of Cities; Recovery and Conservation of the Natural resources; Aggregation of Value to the Production, Adensamento of the Productive Chains and Economic Diversification; Development of the Logistic one; Development of the Capital stock and Quality of the Person from de state of espirito santo Institutions; Reinforcement of the Identity and Improvement of the Person from de state of espirito santo Image; It fits to stand out that diverse other aspects are being boarded in the plan, beyond the governana and support, however, for the context of the public security, pointed out here, it interested to extract us the relative ones to the reduction of the violence and crime, transcribed below (YOU ARE, 2011): 1. To create a propitious environment to the integration of efforts of the responsible entities for the public security, also the Public prosecution service, To be able Judiciary and Legislative; 2. To develop participation mechanisms citizen in the planning and management of the public security; 3.

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